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Secondary products

The workshop of component heat treatment

The workshop of component heat treatment performs heat treatment and carbonization.

  • bulk hardening,
  • high-temperature annealing,
  • normalizing,
  • temper hardening (melting charge size - 800/1000/400, melting charge size - maximum 1 ton),
  • gas carbonization in an automatic line.

Tool workshop

The tool workshop performs the following operations:

  • machine processing of components with diameter of 2 to 400 mm and weight of maximum 100 kg (400 to 800 mm with technological realignments);
  • manufacturing and repair of measurement and cutting tools;
  • manufacturing and repair of die tooling both for shape forming for spare change kits and for the dies of the 1st and the 2nd complexity categories;
  • manufacturing and repair of conductors;
  • manufacturing and repair of multi-purpose assembly devices;
  • manufacturing and repair of machining equipment spare parts with performance of finishing operations and high-precision polishing;
  • manufacturing of multiple-cavity molds with dimensions of plates up to 400 mm and the first complexity category contour.

The workshop is equipped with turning, milling, grinding, section-shaped, multi-axis, gear-milling and gear-cutting equipment, which makes it possible to perform machine processing of 7th grade precision in accordance with GOST 3675 and GOST 1643.

Blank preparation workshop

The blank preparation workshop performs the following operations:

  • Assembling and welding work. Welding of various steel structures (tare, vessels, elevated steel structures, etc.).
  • Work on sound layout of workpieces, sawing and workpiece preparation for their further machining.

Work in the workshop is performed using COMETA M and ENISEY M plasma arc cutting units and Transverse high-precision band saw equipment, with the cut width of 2 to 140 mm.

Chemical and mechanical laboratory

The chemical and mechanical laboratory performs the following operations:

  • Steel analysis by means of spectrographic analysis (finished dimensions are 30х30х2).
  • Metallographic analysis (sheets, bars, steel and alloys bands; heat treatment quality measurement).
  • Chemical analysis of drinking water, hydrocarbon oils: industrial oil, compressor oil, paint and lacquer materials, cooling and lubricating fluids.
  • Measurements between points with the distances of 0.015 to 0.062 with the help of an ATOS 2-trupltscan contact-free optical measurement system. 3D model development and sizing.
  • Nominal model development (in a drawing) and its comparison with the object measured, which has deviations or wear.





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