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Coil springs for freight cars bogies

“Vagonmash” GC has developed and tested the manufacturing technology for the spring for freight cars spring suspension with application of volume hardening (VH) made of steel grades with reduced and regulated hardening.

In 2009, two unique automatic process lines for manufacturing of spring coils for the freight cars bogies were launched.

By now the following bogies springs are serially manufactured:

  • 18-100
  • 18-555
  • 18-578
  • 18-194-1
  • 18-1711
  • 18-9771

Maximum capacity is 1,600,000 coil springs per year. These springs are operating successfully on Russian and CIS country railways.

The springs made by “Vagonmash” Company are characterized by::

  • high level of static strength;
  • relaxation resistance (the tolerance limit at fatigue tests is 50% higher in comparison with the serial steel grade);
  • gradient of hardness by bar cross section (for the surface it is 52-60 HRС, for the core it is 30-40 HRС);
  • fatigue life (minimum 10,000,000 load cycles).

These parameters ensure the springs’ durability even at extremely low temperatures down to -70°С. This is one of the most important advantages, since most spring breakage happens in the winter time in Siberia and Trans-Baikal areas, where the temperature drops below 60°С.

Our unique equipment ensures::

  • stable high quality,
  • fully automated process workflow,
  • continuous comprehensive quality control,
  • possibility to produce a wide range of products,
  • possibility of quick equipment readjustment in accordance with market requirements.

The spring production is performed on unique equipment specially designed for “Vagonmash”. The whole manufacturing process runs in automatic mode, ensuring the high stable quality of manufactured products. The continuous comprehensive quality control totally excludes defects in the final products.

The flexibility of the process line equipment allows us to manufacture a wide range of springs for rolling stock.





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