VМ003.000 (MV-18SB)
Mounted on freight wagons and
counteracts rotational wagging motion.

The use of the VM003.000 zero-clearancebearer makes it possible to increasethe operational, technical and repair
performance of freight railcars.
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In the design of VM003.000 zero-clearancebearer, an elastic element made of thermoplastic elastomer is used.
High energy-absorbing properties of this
material allow the following:
Reduce wear of the railcar running parts

Increase the overhaul railcar run between repairs

Improve the dynamic features of the freight car
Designing and developing contact side bearings, the characteristics of elastic elements
are selected for new types of cars.
More stable railcar movement on curved track is achieved by means of immediate counteraction of the bearer to the wobbling rotational movement. The maximum effect of decreased car wobbling is reached athigh run speed.
15 mm
-60℃ +50℃
not less than
than before the first
scheduled repair of
the freight railcar on
which it is installed
This device is successfully
applied as:
All types of freight railcars
with an empty body weight
of minimum 9 tons
Power stroke
Climatic zones
Warranty period

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